Classical Education

What is Classical Education in the Catholic Tradition?

Catholic Classical Education is the cultivation of wisdom and virtue through the immersion of the Catholic Faith and of the liberal arts. It exposes students to Truth, Beauty and Goodness. All subject matter is considered as one interconnected whole and is infused with Catholic values.

Why Classical Education in the Catholic Tradition?

Classical education emphasizes content-rich literature, a deep understanding of history, the fundamental principles in math and science, and a deep appreciation for art and music. Rather than moving quickly through topics and gleaning only the highlights, classical education advocates for the mastery of subjects. It encourages asking questions, looking for original sources, and connecting our faith to all that is learned. These skills are essential and highly valuable for any career, mission, or role. It also fosters a true love of learning.

The Trivium

Classical Trivium describes the learning stages of children as they mature and focuses the educational method in each stage to best develop a knowledgeable, thinking, and articulate student. As its name implies, there are three stages represented in the Trivium: Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric.

The Subjects Our Students Learn