About Our School

2023-2024 CALENDAR

2024-2025 CALENDAR

We are a Catholic diocesan school on the grounds of St. Patrick Catholic Church in Lufkin, Texas. As you consider St. Patrick’s as an educational option for your family, you might be interested to know what the families enrolled in our school value most:

  • Quality education
  • Christian foundation
  • Teacher qualifications
  • Disciplined environment
  • Preparatory focus

At St. Patrick’s, academic excellence coupled with good Christian values is the foundation of everything we do. It is a safe place with nurturing, dedicated teachers who will encourage your child to take risks and to stretch themselves. Your child will learn the definition of respect, responsibility, courage and kindness. Your child will also learn important life skills, such as the ability to communicate, good decision-making, creative and independent thinking, and critical judgment. St. Patrick is a place your child will discover their own individual strengths and will grow into a confident young individual who will be prepared to tackle any challenge. We would consider it a privilege to welcome your family into our community.


The true goal of any discipline program is to assist the student in achieving self-discipline, enabling them to become individuals that display logical reasoning and actions that are consistent with good moral principles.

“In order for children to gain control of their lives and realize a sense of academic and personal fulfillment, they must first learn how to accept responsibility for their behavior, how to respect the rights of others, how to solve problems, and how to make choices and decisions that can benefit them or others. Teachers who maintain a well-managed classroom empower their students to attain these goals.”

The St. Patrick academic environment teaches each student to respect the rights of others, while learning to solve problems and make choices that can benefit the individual and the group. Each student learns to accept responsibility for his or her choices and behavior, a moral compass critical to the development of responsible leaders in our secular world.


The Texas Catholic Conference Education Department and Accreditation Commission (TCCAC) accredit all Catholic schools in the Diocese of Tyler. This accreditation is recognized by the Texas Education Agency and is listed in the Texas Schools Directory.