Goals and Objectives

St. Patrick Catholic School is committed to the spiritual, intellectual, moral, social and physical development of its students.

Spiritual Development: It is the goal of St. Patrick Catholic School to teach the truths of the Catholic faith passing on Christian hope and faith while instilling the philosophy of the Gospel and the teachings of the Catholic Church.
  • Teach the Catholic faith, authentic in doctrine, contemporary in presentation.
  • Teach respect for various religions of the world.
  • Present school to wider community as a Christ-centered institution, proud of its Catholic identity and leading by example in daily life.
  • Daily prayer
  • Weekly Mass
  • Participate in traditional rituals, liturgies, and sacraments of the Catholic Church.
Intellectual Development: It is the goal of St. Patrick Catholic School to promote academic excellence in a structured environment offering a challenging curriculum while creating a community of life-long learners.
  • Course of study offers intellectual challenge and maintains superior standards of academic excellence
  • Core curriculum is emphasized with focus on basic skills in compliance with the Archdiocese  and the Texas Catholic Conference Accreditation as recognized by the Texas Education Agency
  • Curriculum prepares students to live in a technological society
  • Curriculum develops aesthetic values and creativity of students
  • Currriculum develops higher order level thinking skills of research, analysis, evaluation
Physical Development: It is the goal of St. Patrick Catholic School to teach the importance of healthy physical development according to God’s plan.
  • Provide Athletic Program for physical and social development
  • Develop health maintenance skills
  • Develop healthy attitudes regarding chemical substances
Moral Development: It is the goal of St. Patrick Catholic School to teach morality according to religious truths and Christian values where self-discipline, respect and responsibility are taught and lived.
  • Provide opportunities for moral decision making based on Christian social standards
  • All members of school community show self-discipline, and respect for one another
  • Provide opportunities to share knowledge and gifts with others
  • Develop students self-confidence as they learn to deal with both gifts and limitations
  • School programs provide for recognition, development, and exercise of leadership.
Social Development: It is the goal of St. Patrick Catholic School to interact as a Christian community while nurturing individual talents and encouraging use of their gifts in service.
  • Emphasize that we are the Body of Christ – called to be united
  • Adults model and teach skills needed to build and live community
  • Supporting socioeconomic diversity
  • Promote active interaction between school and parish families
  • Provide faith-sharing opportunities for faculty, staff and students
  • Educate students to assume role as active and responsible citizens of an interdependent world
  • Encourage parental involvement and voluntary fund-raising activities to increase commitment to the school.
Community and Service: It is the goal of St. Patrick Catholic School to teach global awareness of social justice issues while encouraging the use of individual gifts in service to God, neighbor and community.
  • Acquire skills, virtues, habits of heart and mind required for service
  • Service is seen as a way of life and a path to God
  • Each student to be responsible, responsive, compassionate and empathetic to the feelings and needs of others
  • Curriculum includes study of Catholic Social Teaching
  • Curriculum includes study of issues challenging our world, and exposes students to problems of oppression and injustice
  • Provide programs which enable each member of school community to be engaged in service for others
Administrative Development: It is the goal of St. Patrick Catholic School to manage the school effectively and efficiently in the areas of finance, governance, facilities, communication and staffing under the guidance of The Holy Spirit making decisions aligned with our Christian values.

Financial: Budget and tuition reviewed annually
; Establish and improve alternative fundraising
  • Governance
: Administration and School Board establish and review policies in light of Christian principles

: Provide for growth in school; Provide for safe and orderly environment
;  Provide school facilities with positive environment for teaching and learning

: Provide systematic reporting to parents regarding student progress
;  Communicate expectations to parent regarding student’s academic performance
; Report to all constituencies on a regular basis regarding school activities and general accomplishments
; Inform constituencies of school policies and regulations

: Recruit and retain educational staff able to uphold and exceed St. Patrick Catholic School academic standards