Faith Life

Students assemble each morning as an entire community and make a morning offering to Our Lord and pray for special needs and intentions as well. Classes pray throughout the day.

Each week the school celebrates the Holy Mass together at the church on Friday at 9:10 am. While all students have the joy of singing and celebrating the Eucharist, each week a different class has the privilege of participating in the readings, prayers, and presentation of gifts.

Students have the opportunity to celebrate the special feast days through the Church seasons. Students honor the lives of many of the saints throughout the year. In May, St. Patrick consecrates our school and community to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and celebrates a special May Crowning Mass.

As a school family, St. Patrick, welcomes the celebration of liturgy with family, parish, and community members. Parents are encouraged to come to morning prayer and masses.

Through living our faith as a family, we may ensure a future in Christ for our children.