School supplies can be purchased at any major retailer.  Please purchase everything on your child’s list, so they have everything they need for a successful school year. Additional items may be asked for during the school year based on your child’s usage and needs.

1 backpack
2 4pk of expo markers (one black, one colored) – no skinny markers
1 large bottle of expo cleaner spray
1 2 in 3 ring binder
1 pack pens
1 pack mechanical pencils
1 24 pack wooden #2 pencils (for classroom)
1 Geometry set with a protractor, compass, and non bendable ruler with inches and centimeters
1 small pair of scissors
1 pink eraser
4 packages of notebook paper
2 packages of index cards
2 packages colored pencils
1 package skinny washable markers
1 metal hand held pencil sharpener
1 pencil pouch
3 boxes Kleenex
3 rolls of paper towels
1 container Clorox Wipes
2 packages of 5oz Dixie cups
1 individual water bottle with student’s name written on it.
8 composition notebooks (no spirals)
4 pocket folders with brads (green, blue, red, and orange)
1 hand sanitizer
3 glue sticks
1 package colored copy paper
Scientific calculator
8 GB flash drive

*New students need a square plastic crate for storing books and supplies in the classroom, any color.


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